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Connector Terminology

  • Airline: Coaxial line which uses an air dielectric, solid inner & outer conductors with some means of a mechanical support.
  • Attenuation: The decrease of a signal
  • Bandwidth: A range of frequencies for which performance falls within specific limits
  • Bayonet Coupling: A quick coupling device for a plug connectors. i.e. ZMA Connectors
  • Bulkhead: Connectors that are designed to be inserted into a panel cutout.
  • Coaxial Cable: A transmission line consisting of two concentric conductors insulated from each other.
  • Dielectric: The insulation between the inner & outer conductor of a transmission line.
  • Frequency: The number of complete cycles per unit of time.
  • Hi-pot: A test to determine the highest voltage that can be applied to a conductor without electrically breaking down the insulation.
  • Impedance: The ratio between electric and magnetic fields of a transmission line.
  • Insertion Loss: The loss in a transmission line due to the insertion of a component.
  • Interface: Mating surface of a connector.
  • Microstrip: Transmission line consisting of a conductor over a parallel ground plane, separated by a dielectric.
  • Mismatch: The condition which the impedance of a source does not match the impedance of the connected load.
  • Outgassing: A material characteristic that results in the loss of mass when the material is exposed to a vacuum of 1 x 10e6 torr.
  • RF Leakage: The amount of signal that radiates from a tranmission line.
  • Solder cup: The hollow cylinder at the rear of a solder contact where a wire is inserted and soldered into place
  • Stripline: Transmission line consisting of a single narrow conductor parallel & equidistant to two parallel ground planes.
  • Transmission line: A system of conductors used to transfer a signal.
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): A measurement of reflection.

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